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The Koeppel Law Group offers general civil representation for various commercial transactions, including residential and commercial real estate sales, complex development and financing deals, writs of tax certiorari, small business corporate law and wills, trusts, probate and estate planning.

Having established his own firm in 1980, the Koeppel Law Group offers its services to local and national and international clients. Florida residents know Joel Koeppel best for his representation of developers of large residential communities throughout South Florida, but he also represents buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate and sustains a wide-ranging legal practice.

The firm specializes in real estate law and the areas of law that affect one’s ownership interests. Property owners who have received inaccurate tax assessments have benefited from the Koeppel Law Group’s handling of tax certiorari matters, which involve a unique administrative process to challenge improper tax assessments. Individuals with substantial interests in real property also may face tax, managerial, or familiar complications requiring legal expertise.

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